How do I Recreate/Copy a Lesson Plan?

Rachel Smith -

There are several reasons why you might need to recreate/copy a Lesson Plan:

  • I would like to reuse the Lesson Plan but need to make small changes (correct an error, update for new information).
  • I need to reassign the Lesson Plan to a user who failed the first version.
  • I need to add/remove a training module from the Lesson Plan.

To recreate/copy a Lesson Plan:

Select Lesson Plans > Lesson Plans


Click the  icon > Click “Copy and Create”

Select Parameters > Click “Save & Next: Training Modules”

  1. Keep the Training Module(s) already uploaded to Lesson Plan > Click “Save & Next: Assign Users”

  1. Add additional Training Module(s) > Select Training Module(s) > Click  > Click “Save & Next: Assign Users"

  1. Remove Training Module(s) > Select Training Module(s) to remove > Click  > Click “Save & Next: Assign Users”

To assign to User Group(s) or Individual User(s):

Select User Group(s) or User(s) > Click  > Click “Finish”


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