What are the Differences between a Lesson Plan and a Quick Training?

Rachel Smith -

The main difference between a Lesson Plan and Quick Training is how it is built.

Lesson Plan - include one or more Training Module(s) that are built separately and then uploaded to the Lesson Plan.

Quick Training - allows one SCORM file to be directly uploaded to the Quick Training (rather than first uploading the SCORM file to a Training Module). Once the SCORM file is uploaded, parameters can be set and it can be assigned to users.

The types of resources that be uploaded to a Lesson Plan and Quick Training also differ.

Lesson Plan resources can include training modules that contain:

  • XAPI
  • Essay type
  • Content only
  • Content with a test

Quick Training resources can only contain:

  • XAPI


  • Lesson Plans can be either sequential or nonsequential
  • Templates cannot be applied when creating a Quick Training
  • Only one SCORM module can be uploaded into a Quick Training, while multiple SCORM modules can be uploaded into a Lesson Plan

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