What are the Due Date Options for a Lesson Plan?

Rachel Smith -

There are 2 due date options for a Lesson Plan: Set Days and Set Date

  1. Set Days – Creates a due date for a lesson plan based on a specific number of days (e.g. 90 days). Any user assigned this Lesson Plan will have 90 days to complete it from the date of assignment.

a. Course Set to Expire - allows a specific number of extension days to be added to the initial due date.

b. Extension Period Notification - automatically notifies users of extension period via email.

2. Set Date – Creates a due date for a Lesson Plan based on a specific start date and end date.

NOTE: If you do not want your lesson plan to expire, DO NOT set the course to expire. If you do not set the course to expire, after the calendar 'due date' or the number of days set have expired, the Lesson Plan will show as 'Overdue' on the user's assignment tab but will still be available to complete.

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