How Do I Edit Email Templates?

Rachel Smith -

You can edit the Learn-Wise Go email templates in two different way:

  1. From the Email Templates tab - this will globally change the email template, and the changes made will show every time this email is sent.
  2. Directly from the Lesson Plan or Instructor Led Training when it is assigned - this will change the email template only for this specific assignment.

To Edit Email Templates from the Email Templates tab:

Select Email Templates > Email Templates

Scroll or search for the Email Template you would like to edit.

Edit the subject and/or body of the text > Click “Save”

NOTE: Anything in double brackets [[   ]] is automatically filled in by the system. If you edit these items, they will no longer auto-populate correctly. To remove any of these items, remove all brackets and characters.

NOTE: Email templates can be edited in each of the system languages.

To edit the email template language:

Select language from the drop down menu > Click “Save”


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