How Do I Customize My Learn-Wise Site (Logo, Login Image & Date/Time)

Rachel Smith -

Learn-Wise Go allows several customization options including uploading your company logo and image for the login page. You can also customize the default time zone to best suit the majority of your users location, as well as the preferred date format. (Example: American users prefer to display dates as MONTH/DAY/YEAR while European users prefer DAY/MONTH/YEAR).

To customize your logo, login image, and date format & time:

Select Settings > General Information

To upload logo:

Click Upload Logo” > Select logo file

NOTE: Preferable dimensions for a logo is 250 x 70.

To upload a Login Image:

Click Upload” > Select login image file

NOTE: Preferable dimensions for a login image is 960 x 950.

To customize date format/time:

Select date format from the drop down menu > Scroll through and select time zone from the drop down menu

When customizations are complete > Click “Save”


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