What are Email Templates?

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Email Templates are standard, automated message notifications sent out by your Learn-Wise Go System. You can customize these Email Templates, including customizing any template in one of the different system languages. Below, you will find a list of the available Email Templates in the Learn-Wise Go System.

Email Templates:

  1. Send Username Password
  2. ILT Fail [Classroom Training]
  3. ILT Pass [Classroom Training]
  4. ILT E-Signature Reminder [Classroom Training]
  5. ILT With Test Reminder [Classroom Training]
  6. ILT Classroom Training send reminder to submit code (without test)
  7. ILT Reminder for Training [Classroom Training]
  8. Assign ILT with Test To User [Classroom Training]
  9. Assign ILT without test to user [Classroom Training]
  10. E-Signature Lesson Plan
  11. ILT GTT waiting list confirmation
  12. Essay Training Module Submission
  13. Lesson Plan Assignment without Due Date
  14. Custom Message Notification
  15. Group Assignment Notification
  16. Change Password
  17. LW App Pin Generated
  18. Reward Level Achieved Notification
  19. Lesson Plan Revised Due Date Notification
  20. Library Assignment Notification
  21. User New Level Notification
  22. Certification Package Assignment
  23. Course Completion
  24. Certification Course Expiry
  25. New Course Available
  26. Essay Type Fail
  27. Essay Type Pass
  28. Reject Created User
  29. Resend Username
  30. Lesson Plan Failure
  31. Lesson Plan Pass
  32. ESignature Reminder WIthout Due Date
  33. ESignature Reminder
  34. Lesson Plan Grace Period
  35. Lesson Plan Reminder Without Due Date
  36. Lesson Plan Reminder
  37. Assign Lesson Plan to User
  38. Reset Password

To learn how to edit an Email Template, visit Email & Messages > How Do I Edit Email Templates?

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