How Do I Add Events to my Calendar?

Rachel Smith -

To add events to the calendar:

Select Calendar

Select the day to create an event.

Enter event information (title, start date, end date, time of day, category, location and description (optional)) > Click “Save”

NOTE: To add specific times to an event, unselect the “All Day Event” box.

To change event time:

Click on date text box > Click clock icon

Use the arrows to change the time > click the AM/PM button to change from AM to PM or vice versa.

To add a category:

Select a previously added category or create new category by clicking “Add”

To add a new category:

Enter type category name > choose a color (by clicking the blue color box) > Click “save” icon

To add a location:

Select a previously added location or create a new location by clicking “Add”

To add a new location:

Click “Add” > Enter location > Click “save” icon



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