What are the Lesson Plan Parameters?

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The four categories of parameters for a Lesson Plan include Create, Attach, General Settings and Email Settings.

1. Create – Includes: Name, Description, Type, Set Days, Set Dates, Add Time Zone and Lock Duration.

  1. Name – Title of the Lesson Plan.
  2. Description – Additional information/details about the Lesson Plan.
  3. Type – Sequential or Non Sequential.
    1. Sequential – Training Modules within the Lesson Plan must be completed and passed in the specified order.
    2. Non Sequential –Training Modules within the Lesson Plan can be completed in any order.
  4. Set Days – Number of days the Lesson Plan is available.
  5. Set Date – The start date and end date the Lesson Plan is available.
  6. Add Time Zone – Allows you to set the time zone in which you are located.
  7. Lock Duration – Prohibits any changes to the Lesson Plan due date.

2. Attach – Includes: Add Survey, Attach Certificate, eSignature and Tags.

  1. Add Survey – Attach a survey that can be completed by the user at the end of the Lesson Plan.
  2. Attach Certificate – Attach a certificate the user will earn upon completion of the Lesson Plan.
  3. eSignature – Require the user to sign electronically after the Lesson Plan is completed.
  4. Tags – Used by an Administrator to search for a Lesson Plan.

3. General Settings – Includes: Categories, Passing Percentage, Mandatory and Allow User Review on Completion.

  1. Categories – Allows users and administrators to filter their search for lesson plans/quick trainings by category names.
  2. Passing Percentage – Set the percentage a user must achieve to get a passing grade on the Lesson Plan. (Note: this is a cumulative percentage across the Lesson Plan and applies to Lesson Plans with multiple Training Modules)
  3. Mandatory – Determines whether the Lesson Plan is mandatory or optional for the user.
  4. Allow User Review on Completion – Allow the user to review the Lesson Plan once they have completed it.

4. Email Settings – Includes: Send Reminder Notification, Send Assignment Notification, Send Failure Notification, Send Pass Notification and Set Renewal Reminder.

  1. Send Reminder Notification – Notification is sent to user to remind them to complete the Lesson Plan before the due date.
  2. Send Assignment Notification – Notification is sent to the user when a Lesson Plan is assigned.
  3. Send Failure Notification – Notification is sent to user if they fail the Lesson Plan.
  4. Send Pass Notification – Notification is sent to user when a passing grade is earned on the Lesson Plan.
  5. Set Renewal Reminder – Allows the user to automatically receive a renewal reminder when a certification is about to expire.



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