How Do I Change My Account Security Configuration?

Rachel Smith -

You can customize your site’s account security settings. These settings will apply to all of your site’s users.

You can customize:

  1. The number of invalid login attempts allowed before the user's account is locked.
  2. How much time must pass before a user, who has been locked out of their account, is allowed to try their password again.
  3. If and how often passwords expire.

To change Account Security Configuration:

Select Settings > Account Security Configuration

Change the Max No. of Invalid Login Attempts and Account Lock Out Time by typing in the respective text boxes.

Change the Password Expiry in Months by selecting from the drop down menu.

Click “Save”


NOTE: If a user is locked out of their account, you can unlock their account by clicking Locked Users > Click "Unlock" (for the selected locked user) > Click "Close"

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