How Do I Add Email Reminders or Notifications to a Lesson Plan/Quick Training?

Rachel Smith -

Learn-Wise Go can send a wide variety of automatic email notifications (e.g. assignment notifications, reminders, etc.)

Notifications can be edited for a custom message, and they can be edited in all of the system languages.

To add/edit email reminders or notifications to a Lesson Plan/Quick Training:

Select Lesson Plans > Lesson Plans


Click on Lesson Plan/Quick Training title

Scroll down the Select Parameters page to “Email Settings”

To send Email Reminder Notifications select:

  • Reminder Start Date – the date on reminder emails begin.
  • Reminder Time – time email reminder notification is sent.
  • Reminder Interval Days – how often email reminder notification is sent.

To send Assignment Notifications:

  • An email notifying users of the assignment and the assignment details.

To send Failure Notification:

  • An email notifying users they did not pass. This message can include information about next steps.

To send Pass Notification:

  • An email notifying users they successfully passed.

To Set Renewal Reminders select:

  • Renewal Reminder Date – the date a renewal email reminder will automatically be sent.
  • Renewal Reminder Date - is an email sent to the system administrator (not users) notifying them that a course will expire soon if they need to renew and reassign the course to users.

NOTE: Email message templates can be edited for increased customization.

Click “Edit Email Message”

Make edits to customize email template > Click “Update Template”

Note: the edits to this email template will only apply to this specific Lesson Plan/Quick Training. The edits will not apply to the global email template.


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