Is there a Learn-Wise App?

Rachel Smith -

Yes, there is a Learn-Wise App!

The Learn-Wise Go Document Distribution App allows users access to documents and videos offline.* It is a great tool for sales reps in the field who need a professional, branded, and reliable way to present and share information with potential customers. It is administered from the Learn-Wise platform, giving you full control over who has access to it.. Below, you will find a description of the Learn-Wise App functionality.

  • Administrators can:
    • Build a custom, company-branded app (colors, logos, icons, etc.)
    • Organize and share documents and videos with users for offline access
    • Restrict access to information by group or user
    • Easily send out updated information
    • Easily revoke access to the app if a user leaves the company
    • Run usage reports
  • Users can:
    • Download the app to their iPad or Android tablet
    • Access documents and videos online or offline
    • Manage the space on their device by choosing which files to add or remove
    • Share documents and videos via email directly through the app

Contact your Account Rep for pricing and more information.

*Note: the app is intended for offline access to documents and videos, not training modules or lesson plans. Training modules and lesson plans require an internet connection to be completed.

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