How do I Customize the Learn-Wise App?

Rachel Smith -

You can customize the look and feel of your Learn-Wise app by adding a background image, logo, and changing the colors of the fonts and header.

To Customize the Learn-Wise App:

Select Learn-Wise App > Learn-Wise App Customize

To Upload a Portrait Image:

Click Upload (NOTE: preferable dimensions are 1536 X 1832)

To Upload a Landscape Image:

Click Upload (NOTE: preferable dimension are 2048 X 1320)

To Upload a Logo:

Click Upload (NOTE: preferable dimension is 240 X 40)

To Customize the Font Color:

Click the Color Box > Select a new font color

To Customize the Header Color:

Click the Color Box > Select a new header color

Click Preview (to Preview) or Click Apply (to save the changes)




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