How Do I create a Survey Using Articulate Storyline?

Rachel Smith -

Articulate Storyline (2, 3, and 360) allow you to create custom surveys to deliver through Learn-Wise Go.

To build a survey:

Step 1: Insert Survey Question Slides. You can insert the following survey question types:

  1. Likert Scale
  2. Pick One
  3. Pick Many
  4. Which Word
  5. Short Answer
  6. Essay
  7. Ranking Drag and Drop
  8. Ranking Drop-down
  9. How Many

Step 2: Insert Survey Results Slide.

Be sure to use the Survey Results slide and not the Graded Results Slide.

Step 3: Publish your quiz.

Please use the following settings:

LMS Output options: SCORM 2004

Reporting and Tracking Options:

                LMS: SCORM 2004

                Edition: 2nd or 3rd

Report status to LMS as: Passed/Failed

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