What are the Parameters for a Classroom Training?

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The six categories of parameters for an Instructor Led Training - Classroom Training include Create, Session, Attendance & Complete Criteria, Attach, General Settings and Email Settings.

1. Create (Classroom Training) – Includes: Name, Type and Description.

a. Name – Title of Instructor Led Training Classroom Training.
b. Type – Classroom Training (or Webinar).
c. Description – Additional information/details about the Classroom Training.

2. Sessions– Includes: Session Name, Trainer Name, Start Date, Add Time Zone, Location.

a. Session Name – Name of Classroom Training session.
b. Trainer Name – Name of instructor leading the session.
c. Start Date – Date and time of Classroom Training session.
d. Add Time Zone – Allows you to set the time zone for the Classroom Training session.
e. Location – Location of the Classroom Training session.

3. Attendance & Completion Criteria – Includes Type.

a. Types – Manual or Using Code

i. Manual – Allows the instructor to manually pass/fail attendees. The instructor manually inputs grades after the Classroom Training is complete.
ii. Using Code – Allows users to enter a code given to them by the instructor to signify their attendance. This code is generated when a Classroom Training is created.

NOTE: A training module can be added to a classroom training that uses a code to track attendance. The training module, typically a test or survey, will be accessible to the user after they completes the classroom training and submit the given code.

4. Attach – Includes Add Survey, Attach Certificate, Tags, E-Signature

a. Add Survey – Attach a survey that can be completed by the user at the end of the Classroom Training.
b. Attach Certificate – Attach a certificate the user will earn upon completion of the Classroom Training.
c. E-Signature – Require the user to sign electronically after the Classroom Training is completed.
d. Tags – Can be used by an Administrator to search for a Classroom Training.

5. General Settings – Includes Categories and Mandatory.

a. Categories – Allows users and administrators to filter their search for a Classroom Training by category names.
b. Mandatory – Determines whether the Classroom Training is mandatory or optional for the user.

6. Email Reminders – Includes Set Reminders for Classroom Training, Send Assignment Notification, Send Failure Notification, Send Pass Notification.

a. Set Reminder for Classroom Training – A notification is sent to user to remind them of the Classroom Training date and time.
b. Send Assignment Notification – A notification is sent to the user when a Classroom Training is assigned
c. Send Failure Notification – A notification is sent to user if they fail the Classroom Training.
d. Send Pass Notification – A notification is sent to user when a passing grade is earned on the Classroom Training.

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