How to Publish a HTML zip file via FTP link

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FTP is a way for you to access your Learn-Wise server space. This allows you to upload any files that are greater than the direct upload limit (images: 500 KB, video/supplement files: 50 MB).

You will receive your FTP login credentials from your Account Manager.

Step 1: Upload your file to the FTP

Download and launch the FileZilla Client program. Enter the host name (, Username, and Password and click Quickconnect. Once connected, you will see your computer folders on the left hand side and the Learn-Wise folders on the right side. 

If your file output is a zip file, unzip the file into a folder.

Drag the entire folder to the right side of Filezilla and upload all contents of the folder. 

Note: File uploads may take a bit of time, depending on your internet speed. I’d recommend compiling it all at once and uploading it in bulk (just select more than one file at a time). It will upload in the background, and you work on something else while waiting for it to upload. 

Step 2: Identifying your URL

Double click the folder and open it until you find an index.html file or the starting html file. Right click that file and select "Copy URL(s) to clipboard."

Tip! Make sure it is an .html file and NOT a .html5 file. .html5 is not 100% supported yet.

Each file on an FTP has a unique URL associated to it. This allows the system to “pull” that file through the path you’ve identified.  

Here’s a sample path for you (if your domain/company is called "demo")

Always the same for you – keep it as is. (Hint: You will have to input some of this portion manually.)

Folder Name – if it isn’t in a folder, then you can leave this out. Note: if you have even more subfolders under that, you need to make sure to include those folders as well.

File nameNote: symbols such as & $ ( * ^ ! – will confuse the system. Only use letters, numbers, and underscores (no spaces) in your file name.


*You can do this with any file type.


A couple more examples:

1. I have a file called “Cute Puppies.png” in folder “Images”

It is best to rename my file without spaces so it will now be called "CutePuppies.png"

  • When I first Copy this URL to clipboard the URL will be:

  • I need to make this URL match the format from above. (The last purple and red part "/Images/CutePuppies.png" is ok.)
  • Delete the first half that is in black bold text and retype or copy/paste the green text "" in its place.
  • Keep in mind that the text "demo" will be replaced with your company's domain.

Now, my correct URL will be:


2. I have a PDF called “LWTrainingManual.pdf” that is in no folder (aka: on the master level)

My url will be:

Tip! A great way to test if you have the correct url is to just copy/paste it into any web browser. If you have identified the correct path, videos will play directly in the page and images / supplemental files, conversely, will prompt you to download in a pop-up window. Always test it out before trying to add it to Learn-Wise, it’ll save you a lot of troubleshooting later on in trying to figure out why your link isn’t working.


Step 3: Uploading to Learn-Wise 

Once you have your correct link, go into Learn-Wise and add your index file as you normally do.

Go to Publishing > Content. Here you can create a new content with new topics or edit a topic you have already created. 

Use the supplement file template and click Add/Edit Supplement file. 

A window will pop up, click (+) Add supplement file on the right side. 

Add a file name and select Supplement URL and paste the edited link into the box. Click upload. 

Your file is now added under Supplement Files. Make sure it is selected and click Select. 


Your file is now uploaded. Save and publish when ready. 

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