How do I create the tree structure with topics and parent topics? a.k.a. How do I build levels in the content library?

Megan Matsumoto -

The Content Library is organized in a tree structure with levels. It is helpful to map out the structure before creating your library in Learn-Wise. For this example, we will create a portion of the tree structure you see below. 


1. Go to Publishing > Content


2. To add a new content title click (+) Add Content.


3. Enter a Content title. You also have the option of uploading an image that will be a small square icon next to your content title in the Library. Next is the option to "Assign to All" or "Assign through Groups and Trainees." 

Assign to All = Once published, the content will be visible to all reps.

Assign through Groups and Trainees = Once published, no one will be able to see the content until it has been assigned. When your content is ready for viewing, you can assign it to specific groups or trainees. 

Click Save when done. 


4. Click on the Topics link for the title you would like to add content to. Think of the title you just created as the main folder that will hold all of your topics within it and you are clicking Topics to open that folder and view its content. 


5.  To create a new topic click (+) Add Topic


6. For this example, we will create the first level of the tree structure. This level will be called "Fruit" and will be an empty template. Empty templates are placeholder levels. They do not contain any documents, but allow you to organize the structure of your library. Click "Save" or "Save & Publish" when done. 


7. Click (+) Add Topic again, to create a new topic. This time we will create a level underneath "Fruit" called "Apple." To do this, we will add a Parent Topic by clicking the Add link. 

A window will pop-up with an option to select a topic. Click on the + sign next to your content title to expand it out until you find the topic that you would like to be the parent topic of Apple. The parent topic is the level above your topic. Select the topic and click OK. 

Your parent topic has now been added to your topic "Apple."

Add your supplement file or video and click Save or Save & Publish. 


8. You have now started to build your tree structure. To view the structure, click TOC Selection on the Manage Topics page. A window will pop-up and you can expand the levels to view the structure. 


9. Continue to use this method to create your tree structure. It is helpful to check in on the TOC Selection to make sure it looks the way you planned it. If you have any questions, be sure to contact your Account Manager.

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