How do I delete a user account?

Megan Matsumoto -

Users can only be deleted if they have not logged in to Learn-Wise and if they are not assigned to any Training Modules or Groups. This is because once someone logs in, they will begin to report data to the system and we do not want to lose that data by deleting the user. 

If the user has not logged in yet, you can delete them by clicking the red X and they will be permanently removed from the system. 

If the user has logged in, you will see a grey X instead of a red one in the delete column. 

If you are looking to free up seats on your platform, you can do so by inactivating users. Inactive users are not deleted, but will not take up a seat and cannot log in. To inactivate a user, click the green check mark and they will disappear from the list.

To view inactive users, change the search filter for status to show either both or inactive.  To reactivate users, click on the red crossed through circle

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