How do I import user accounts in bulk using an excel template?

Megan Matsumoto -

1. To access the Users page, click on the menu item


2. To Import Users click “(+) Import Users”


3. On this page click “Template.” This will prompt you to download the template excel sheet to import your users. The system will not accept any other excel sheet, so you have to use this template.


4. Open the spreadsheet saved on your desktop/downloads. It is populated with demo users to show you how it should appear when ready for import. Clear the sheet, leaving only the headers, and fill in the columns (red columns are required). The User Type, must already be added to your system before import. You can add the User Type by going to Accounts > User Types. Be careful not to modify or delete any column names as this will disrupt the import. 


5. Once you have completed the spreadsheet, save and close it. Return to Learn-Wise and click the Choose File button and select your spreadsheet file. 

Overwrite Existing Records: Check this box if you are importing a sheet to update existing users on the system. If you are adding new users, you can leave this unchecked.

Select Import Type: Choose With Header

Click the Import button.

If the two columns match up, then click the Submit button. 


6. If your import was successful it will say "Users inserted successfully." If any errors occurred during import, they will be displayed at the top of the page. 


Common errors upon import include: 

  • User Type not existing in the system (User Type is case sensitive)
  • Repeat User Names (all user names must be unique)
  • Repeat email (all emails must be unique)
  • Company Type and Company Name not matching 

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