What is a User Type?

Megan Matsumoto -

User Types are used mostly for administrative functions. Think of it as a way to organize your users.

You will use the User Type the most when you are in the Reports section. Filters will allow you to sort through the report data by User Type so consider this when designating your User Types to your users. 

For example, you may have the following User Types on your system: Internal Sales Reps, External Sales Reps, and Internal Staff. When you want to find data on the External Sales Reps only, you can easily filter using that User Type. 

When setting up your User Types, do what makes the most sense for your organization. Some will set it up based on country and others by job position. If you need any help with designating your User Types, feel free to contact your Account Manager and we can help you organize your platform.

User Type vs. Groups

User Type Groups
1. Can only assign one User Type per User 1. Can assign an infinite amount of Users to Groups and Groups to Users
2. Allows you to set privileges 2. Does not allow you to set privileges
3. Used for User Messages and Reports 4. Used for assigning content, assigning training modules, and reports
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