What are the different question types and how do I set the correct answers?

Megan Matsumoto -

1. Multiple Choice

There is only one correct answer for multiple choice. Click the radio button next to the correct answer. 

2. Multiple Selection

 There can be more than one correct answer for multiple selection. Select all correct answers by checking off the boxes next to it. 


3. True or False

Select the correct answer by clicking the radio button.


4. Mix Match

Select the correct answer in the center drop down column with the letters.  

5. Fill in the Blank

Add a blank by clicking on the Add Blank button next to the Question Text box. The blank will appear as [X]. We recommend keeping it to one blank, but you can add more at your discretion. We also recommend that you use numerical answers. Long phrases or names are not recommended for the answers since a misspelling or rewording will register as INCORRECT, even if it might be technically correct. 


For the Answer field, each answer is an answer that will be reported as CORRECT. Anything you put here will be a CORRECT answer. The answers are case sensitive so put all options that would be correct. If you have more than one blank, separate each answer with a semicolon. 

For example:

Answer 1: 12; blue

Answer 2: TWELVE; BLUE

Answer 3; Twelve; Blue


6. Drag and Drop

This question is useful for anatomy or product parts. Add an image by clicking on the Choose File button. Select your image file from your computer and the image will be re-sized to fit in the field. Drag the box to the area you would like a dotted line box to appear for the Trainees to drag the answer to. In the Answers column type the correct answer. To add more draggable boxes, click the Add More button. 


7. Sequence

This question is useful for surgical techniques, product assembly, or anything with a unique step order. You have the option of having text only answers, image only, or image and text. 

To add an image, click on the upload image icon and select your file. To add more steps, click on (+) Add Options. To delete an option click on the delete icon. 

The correct sequence is the order you set it as here. When the Trainees take this question type, it will randomize. 

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