How do I edit an email template?

Megan Matsumoto -

1. Go to Communications > Email Templates


2. To edit a template, click on the edit icon. 


3. Here you can edit an text that is outside of a double bracketed field. Anything within double brackets [[ ]] will pull that information from the system. So [[First Name]] will fill in with the correct user's name.

If any field within the double brackets is edited then the system will not pull that information correctly, so be careful not to delete or edit that information. Even if you re-type the field in, it will still not pull the information. If any edits are made, you can click the "Reset" button or contact your Account Manager and we will reset the fields for you. 

Everything else outside of the double brackets is editable, so feel free to add your own personal signature at the end or change the text. 

 Click "Save" when done. 


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