Will my calendar events go into Outlook?

Megan Matsumoto -

Users and Admins can export their calendar events to Outlook and most other external calendars. As an Admin, you can create calendar events that will appear on your Users' home page. Users cannot add or delete events from their calendar, but will see any event that you add. They can then export those events to their personal calendars. 


How to Export Calendar Events to Outlook:

1. Go to Communications > Customized Calendar

2. After you create an event you can export it to Outlook by clicking the "Export" button. To export an old event, click on the event name in your calendar and click the "Export" button. 

3. The file will start to download or will prompt you to download the file. Open the file when download is complete. 

4. This will open the outlook file that you can save to your calendar. 

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