How do I send out a mass email to my Users?

Megan Matsumoto -

You can send emails to your Users through the User Messages section under Communications. These messages will be sent from a address to the Users' emails. The email will include the message and will prompt the User to log into their Learn-Wise account.


1. Go to Communications > User Messages



2. Here you can see any messages that have already been sent out. To Inactivate a message click the green check mark and the message will no longer appear on the User's home page. To delete a message completely, click the red x.

To create a new message click (+) Add User Message


3. Fill in all required fields:

Title = the subject line

Message = the main body of your message

User Type(s): You can send this message by User Type and by individual trainees. If you select a User Type, then all active Users in that User Type will receive the message. If you select Individual Users, then then only those Users will receive the message. You can also select User Types and individual users to send your message to.

Status: If you select Active, then once you save the message it will be sent out to all assigned Users. If you select InActive, then the message saves as a draft and you can choose to send it at a later time by changing it to Active. 

Click "Save" when done. 




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