Is it possible to create "eSignature" verifications for your own content?

Sara Bostrand -

Yes. This eSignature verification will be like the eSignature that is used with the Credentialing courses. 

(eSignature verifies the user completing the training modules)

  1. On the LMS tab go to Training Modules
  2. Click on (+) Create Training Module on the right hand side
  3. Make sure the eSignature bubble is checked for Yes. Inline image 1
  4. Here, you can also Edit eSignature Message to change the text that the user sees for this eSignature.
Then just continue creating your Training Module.
Also, if you have already created your Training Module and would like to add in this eSignature feature, when you view your Training Modules under LMS, you can click on the edit icon, and update your preferences for that module. 
Inline image 2
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