How do I add events to the calendar?

Sara Bostrand -

1. To access the Customized Calendar page, click on CommunicationsCustomized Calendar

2. The calendar loads in Month view - click any day to create an event.

3. Create a Title for your event. By default the site has a check mark that will indicate an "all day event" on the Date item. You can uncheck the box and set a time.

In the Location box, delete and type in your location.

You can also designate a Timezone. NOTE: If Local time is checked, the time will update to the User's timezone. Otherwise, it will reflect the Timezone selected on Location pop-up box.

Click the Ok button to save.

On the Category box, delete and type your new category, then click on the Edit icon. A pop-up box will appear; edit the details about the new category and click the Ok button to save.

On Description, add your event details.

To save your new event, click the Ok button.


4. Once you save the new event, it will be added to the User calendar. You can edit or delete the Event at any time.

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