What is a Group? How do I create a Group?

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Groups are useful if you need to assign certain Training Modules to certain people. The group function allows you to organize Trainee(s) into as many Groups as you like and expedite the assignment of training modules. It is an easy way to assign your training modules.

Trainees can belong to an unlimited amount of Groups and Sub Groups based on your needs.

To create a Group, click on Accounts and then click on “Groups.”


Click on “(+) Create Group."

Give your Group a Name and create any Sub-Groups if needed. Sub Groups are another way to organize your trainees. For example, you may have a Sales Group, and Sub Groups based on product type or region within the Group. When you are done, click “Save.”

You can now see the new Group in the list:

Now, you must assign Trainees to your Groups or Sub Groups. Click on “Sub Groups” to get started.

Then, click on “Trainees.”

Then, click on “(+) Assign Trainees.”

Now you can place a check mark next to each Trainee you want to be a part of that Group or Sub Group.

You can also assign Trainees to a Group through “Trainees.” After you create a Group, click on Trainees on LMS menu. You will see the list of the users.  Click on Group.

Click (+) Assign Group.

Check the box(es) to assign the Trainee to the Group and click Assign.

A pop-up will ask you to confirm you want to Assign this Trainee to the Group. Click "OK."

You will get a notification that the Trainee has been added successfully.


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