How do I assign content?

Sara Bostrand -

When you are creating your Content, you have the option of allowing All Users to see it or to designated Groups and Trainees.

1. Go to Publishing > Content

2. Click (+) Add Content

If you want all Users to access your Content, select Assign to All and click Save.

Once you have created your content, click Publish and all Users will have access to the Content in the Library.

If you want to designate specific people to access your Content, select Assign through Groups and Trainees.

When you are ready to assign your Content, you must publish it first by clicking Publish on the appropriate Content.

You will be prompted to enter your password for confirmation.

Now you will be able to assign your Content by clicking Assign.

 Choose the appropriate tab (Groups or Trainees) for which you want to assign this Content to. Select (+) Assign Group or (+) Assign Trainees to determine the assignment.

Select the boxes for the Groups/Trainees you want to have access to the Content, and click Assign.

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