Once I assign test within the Training Module to a User can I delete it?

Vinutha Reddy -

It depends on if this Training Module has been accessed.
  • If the User has started the Training Module, you cannot delete the TM.
In this case, you will have to copy the Training Module and reassign the Training Module.
See How can I recreate/copy a module? for more information.
  • After the Training Module is assigned to the User(s) and the User(s) has/have not started the Training Module, then the test can be deleted.
If the nobody has accessed this Training module, then complete these 3 steps to delete your Training Module. 
1. Go to LMS > Training Modules
2. Click on the red "x" button under the Delete column for the Training Module you wish to delete. (Notice that some of the "x"s in this column are gray. This is because Users have already accessed them and can no longer be deleted.
3. Click OK to confirm that you want this Training Module to be deleted.
Now this Training Module has been deleted.
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