Can I update and rename a Training Module?

Sara Bostrand -

If you have already assigned a Training Module and a User has accessed it, then the answer is no, you cannot update or rename that specific module. (This is compliant with FDA-Part 11.)

However, if you need to re-upload a Training Module, you can rename the current module you are replacing in order to create the new Training Module with the original title.

For example, if Training Module A has been revised and needs to be re-uploaded and re-assigned, you can rename the current version “Training Module A – Obsolete” and upload the revised module as “Training Module A”.

1. To rename any Training Module, go to LMS > Training Modules.

2. Click the Edit icon for the appropriate Training Module.

3. In the title section, you can rename your training module.

4. Click Save.

Note: You can copy the original module if you want to keep some of the same content and test.

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