What's the difference between 'Assign' and 'Publish'?

Sara Bostrand -

In the Content section in the Publishing tab, you can view the Content you have created. This is where the Content gets Assigned and Published.

No Users can view your Content until you Publish it. When you click Publish, you will be prompted to enter your password to ensure you want it published. Then, all Users' assigned to that Content, will have access.

When creating Content, you have 2 Assign options:

  1. Assign to All- All Users will have access to this Content in their Library once it is Published.
  2. Assign through Groups and Trainees- Only specified Groups and Trainees will have access to the Content once it is Published.

Click Publish when you are ready for the Content to be available in the Library and click Assign if you need to Assign it to specific Groups and Trainees.

* Content must be published before it can be assigned.

* If the Content has already been published, then "Publish" will not be underlined and will not be click-able. (Example: iSpring Practice2b Content in first image)


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