Why aren't my Users receiving emails?

Sara Bostrand -

1. Check to make sure the appropriate email templates are active.

2. If it's a Training Module Reminder email, check the Training Module and see if you checked Yes for Send Reminder.

3. Check your variables email account and see if the emails are being sent out.


1. To view the email templates go to Communications > Email Template

Use the drop-down on the right to change the Status to both to view active AND inactive email templates.

Templates with the red symbol, indicate the template is inactive. Simply click on that icon to change the status.


2. If a Training Module Reminder email is not being sent to your Users, go to LMS > Training Modules.

Click the edit icon on the appropriate Training Module.

Scroll to the bottom and view if Yes or  No is selected for Send Reminder:

If No is selected and you want your Users to receive reminder emails, select Yes, fill in the necessary fields, and click Save.

3. If the email templates are active, then check your Variables email account and see if these emails have been sent out. 

If they have then talk to your IT Department about it.

If they have not been sent out then talk to your Account Manager.


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