Why are my Users receiving reminder emails for courses they have already completed?

Sara Bostrand -

Check to make sure that the User has actually completed the Course. The User may have completed the actual course but did not complete the eSignature.

1. To check this, go to Accounts > Users.

2. Use the search area to find the appropriate User.

3. Click on the User Name for the appropriate User.

4. In the Assignments section on the home page, see if the Training Module (that the reminder emails were being sent for) is shown. 

If it is shown here, then the User has not completed it and will need to complete it to stop receiving reminder emails.

In many cases, the User thinks they have completed the Training Module because they have completed everything except for the eSignature. If this is the case, when you can click on the Training Module, the eSignature box will pop-up. Tell your User that they need to access this Training Module from their Assignments section and complete the eSignature and they will stop receiving email reminders.

Note: Anything you do on the User's site from your Admin account will NOT count towards or against that User.

If the Training Module that you are looking for does not show up in their Assignments section, contact your Account Manager and give them the following information:

  • User's Name
  • Training Module
  • Date/Time of Email Reminder
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