How Do I Add a Video to the Multimedia Room?

Andrew Wolpe -

If you want a video to be visible in the Multimedia room on your User’s homepage, like this:

… Then you need to PUBLISH the video in a Content Topic.

First, add a Topic to a Content:


Then, choose one of the first 8 Templates (outlined in red below):

The solid blue boxes in the templates indicate where a video/image may be uploaded.

Note: If there are two solid blue boxes, you will be required to supply a video or image for both. You will also be required to supply text where you see lines.

If you choose the first template, use the Add/Edit Supplement File link.

Otherwise, just click on the image box to upload the video.

After you have uploaded your video, be sure to “Save & Publish” in order to see the video in the Multimedia room on the User’s side.

You can use the Multimedia Room link from the Admin side to manage the Multimedia room.


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