How do I use the Assign to All feature?

Cate Gordon -

*The assign to all feature must be turned on for your site. If you are interested in the assign to all feature but do not currently have access to it, please contact your Account Representative.

The Assign to All feature will allow you to automatically assign a training module to all current and future users with access to training modules.

Create your training module in LMS>Training modules, and then click Save and Assign. At the top you will see two different options: Assign through Groups and Trainees and Assign to All.

Assign through Groups and Trainees is selected by default. To Assign to All, click the radio button next to Assign to All. You will see a popup that is asking if you are sure you want to assign the training module to every user. Click Ok to continue, or Cancel if you are not sure. 

Once you click Ok, the training module will be assigned to all current and future trainees automatically. You can undo this action by choosing to Assign through Groups and Trainees once more. 

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