How do I control the order in which Training Modules appear to my Users?

Andrew Wolpe -

The Learn-Wise default for displaying Training Modules in the User’s Assignments tab is as follows:

  1. If there is an end date, the closest due date will appear at the top.
  2. If there is not an end date, the “oldest” Training Module will appear at the top

If you want to force the system to display Training Modules to your users in a different sequence, you can use the LMS Set Sequence feature.

LMS Set Sequence is an optional feature. If you would like to use this feature, please contact your Account Representative.

To use it go to LMS > LMS Set Sequence:



All of your Training Modules are listed here. Drag and drop the modules into the order you want them to appear to your users, then click Apply.

Rearranging the Training Modules using LMS Set Sequence will NOT impact the order in which Training Modules appear on the Admin menu.

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