How can I add a user to a group while creating their account?

Cate Gordon -

There are two ways to add a user directly to a group while creating their account: through the Import Users spreadsheet and through the individual Add User page.

The Add User page

When adding users individually, you can add them to as many groups and subgroups as you'd like from the Add User page.

Click on Add User from the Accounts>Users page. Enter in the user information, and click Select Groups to add them to existing groups and subgroups.

This will open up a popup with a list of all of your existing groups and subgroups. Select which ones you would like to add this user to, and then click OK

You can also add a new group from this page if the group you need to add the user to is not already on the list by clicking Add Group/Sub Group.

This will open a popup that will allow you to add a new group and/or subgroup. Enter in the name of the group and the name(s) of the subgroups. When entering multiple subgroups, make sure to use a semi-colon ";" as a separator between subgroup names. When you are finished, click OK. 

This new group will now be available from the Select Groups link, so you will be able to assign your new user to your new group. 

For more detailed instruction on how to add a user individually, please see the article titled How do I add a new user account?

The Import Users spreadsheet

Two important things to note about this method:

  1. If you use the import users spreadsheet, you can only add users to one Group and one Subgroup on the spreadsheet. Once the account is created, you can always add them to more Groups from the Accounts>Groups tab.
  2. Groups and Subgroups listed on the import spreadsheet must already exist on your site. You can create new Groups and Subgroups under the Accounts>Groups tab.

To add your bulk users to groups, Click Import Users from the Accounts>Users page. Download the excel template, enter the user information, and add the Group and Subgroup information to their respective columns. 

For more detailed instructions about the general process of importing users in bulk, please see the article titled How do I import users in bulk using the excel template?

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