How do I apply/create a Training Category?

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Apply a Training Category

You can apply a single Training Category to each Training Module and Lesson Plan by clicking on the Select Category drop-down on the Create Training Module / Create Lesson Plan page.

If you'd like to apply a Training Category to an existing Training Module or Lesson Plan, click on the edit icon of that Training Module or Lesson Plan, then follow the same steps as above.

Creating New Training Categories

There are two ways to create new Training Categories: on the Training Categories page under the LMS tab or on the Create Training Module / Create Lesson Plan pages.

On the Training Categories Page:

Go to LMS > Training Categories.

Enter the name of the new Training Category into the Training Category field, then click Save.

Once the Training Category has been added, it will appear in the table below.

Note: Once a Training Category has been applied to a Training Module or Lesson Plan, it can not be deleted without first being removed from those Training Modules and Lesson Plans.

On the Create Training Module or Create Lesson Plan Page:

New Training Categories can also be added as a Training Module or Lesson Plan is being created. Click on the Add New Category check box and enter the category name in the New Category field.

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