How do I add a training module or lesson plan description?

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Admins can add descriptions to Training Modules and Lesson Plans.

These descriptions can be viewed by the user by hovering their mouse over the title of an assignment.


Assignments that have a description are a different color than assignments that do not have a description.


Admins can add Module Descriptions and Lesson Plan Descriptions on the Create Training Module page or the Create Lesson Plan page. By default, the option to Include Module Description / Include Lesson Plan Description is set at "no".

To add a description, click on the "yes" radio button, and the text editor box will appear.

Enter your Training Module or Lesson Plan Description text into the text editor box. You can format the text using the toolbars above.

Descriptions can be added to existing Training Modules and Lesson Plans, as well.

Click on the edit icon of that Training Module or Lesson Plan, then follow the same steps above. When finished, click Save & Assign.

*After clicking Save & Assign, you will be prompted to assign the module. If you have already assigned the module to your trainees, you do not need to perform those steps again. You can return to the Training Modules page, move to another section of Learn-Wise or close out.

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