How to Submit a Support Request

Cate Gordon -

Having trouble in Learn-Wise? Contact your account representative with the following information. The more detailed you can be in your description of the issues you're having, the more quickly and easily we can help you resolve it. 

  1. Browser Type: Internet Explorer / Chrome / Firefox / Safari
  1. Browser Version Number: to find your browser version number, go to The versions of each browser that we currently support are at the bottom of the Learn-Wise home page.
  1. Device Information: Are you or your Users accessing Learn-Wise from a PC, Mac, iPad, or other device?
  1. Issue Details: Describe the issue in detail and list all User(s) / Training Module(s) / Content material(s) / Email Template(s) you are experiencing issues with.
  1. Approximate Time of Occurrence (if available)
  1. Screenshots and/or Screencasts: Screenshots and screencasts give us insight into the issues you’re experiencing and ultimately help us resolve the issue more quickly. Please provide screenshots of any application errors or error messages, and screencasts of steps we can take to recreate the issue.


  • Screencasts: Jing (download:
  • Screenshots:
    • PC: use the Snipping Tool (pre-installed on Windows) to take screenshots
    • Mac: Command + Shift + 4
    • iPad: press the home button and the sleep/wake button simultaneously
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