How Do I Add a New Sub-Administrator Account?

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A sub-administrator is an account that can be created by the master administrator to allow someone to assist them in performing administrative functions in the site. 

Only the master administrator has the ability to add sub-administrator accounts. If you see the section under the Accounts tab called "Sub-Administrators", then you are logged in as the master administrator. If not, you are logged in as a sub-administrator and will need to contact your master administrator to ask them to create the account on your behalf. 

To create a sub-administrator account, hover over the Accounts tab and click on Sub-Administrators.

To add a new Sub-Administrator, click “(+) Add Sub-Administrator” on the right side of the page.


On the Add Sub-Administrator page, enter the login details and general information for the new Sub-Administrator. 

The system has a 1:1 e-mail to login ratio. Each account must have a unique e-mail address and username. If your sub-administrator already has a user account in your site, you will need to enter a different email address and username than the one associated with their user account. 

On this page, you will be able to assign Privileges to parts of the site you would like them to be able to access. Click on the Save button at the bottom of your screen when complete.

After saving the new account, you will go back to the Sub-Administrator page. From here, there are a few different functions you will be able to perform:

  • Click the edit icon to edit the account details.
  • Click the green status icon to "inactivate" the account. Once the account is inactive, the Sub-Administrator will no longer be able to log in.
  • Click the delete icon to delete the account. Unlike user accounts, sub-administrator accounts can be deleted at any time, even if the sub-administrator has previously logged into the site and/or performed site functions.

Contact your Account Representative if you have any further questions. 


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