How Do I Ensure the Desired Data from Graded Questions in Articulate Storyline will be Captured in my Learn-WiseGo Reports?

Rachel Smith -

There are two categories of questions you can create in Articulate Storyline: Graded Questions and Freeform Questions.

This FAQ will focus on Graded Questions.

Graded Questions include: True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Selection, Fill-in-the-Blank, Word Bank, Matching Drag-and-Drop, Matching Drop-down-Menu, Sequence Drag-and-Drop, Sequence Drop-down-Menu, Numeric and Hotspot.

Learn-WiseGo will capture your question text if you put it in the question box on the FORM VIEW of the question slide.

To enter the text into the question click on Form View

Enter the question text into the box under “Enter the question”. Any text entered into this box will be transferred to your Learn-WiseGo reports as the Question Text.

Please Note: Hotspot question is an option under both Graded and Freeform Question. The Question Text entry is only available under “graded question”.

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