How do I Register my Webinar Tool - WebEx?

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There are 2 different webinar tools that you can use to conduct a webinar training in your Learn-WiseGo platform: WebEx and GoTo Training. This tutorial will focus on registering an account with the webinar tool – WebEx.

To create a WebEx account, you will first need to contact the WebEx customer service at 1-866-229-3239.

Please Note: There are several different types of WebEx webinar products. Be sure to request a WebEx Meeting Center account.

After you have set up a WebEx account, you will receive a WebEx Site Administrator email that will contain information needed to setup your WebEx account.

You will then need to contact the WebEx technical support team at 1-408-906-2222 to enable your API service for your site.

The information that you will need to set up a webinar in Learn-WiseGo will now be available in the Site Administrator section of your WebEx account.

To enter your WebEx account details in your Learn-WiseGo platform, select Instructor Led Training > Instructor Led Training from the menu sidebar.

Click the orange plus icon to create a new Instructor led Training.

Under Webinar Tools, select WebEx from the drop down menu.

Enter your WebEx webinar details and click submit.

Please Note: You can also enter your WebEx webinar details by selecting Settings and then Application on your dashboards menu sidebar.

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