How Do I Access and Complete an Assigned Credentialing Course?

Rachel Smith -

To access your assigned Credentialing course, you will first need login to your Learn-WiseGo platform. 

To login: 

Enter your Username & Password > Click ‘Login’

You can access your assigned Credentialing courses by:

1. Selecting the Certification tab from the menu sidebar

2. Directly from your dashboard using the Certification Package widget

To access a course from the Certification tab on your menu sidebar:

Click ‘Open’ next to the desired Certification Package

To take a Certification course:

Scroll down to locate the course you would like to take from the list > Click ‘Open’

To access a Credentialing Course from the Certification Package Widget on your dashboard:

Click ‘View All’ or use the scroll bar to find the Certification Package from the list and then click on the Certification Package name

After successfully completing a Credentialing Course, you can always:

1. Retake the course if it has expired – simply click ‘Retake’

2. Download your Certification of Completion – click the ‘Completed’ tab located on your Assigned Certification Packages page and then click the ‘Download’ icon to download another copy of your completion certificate.


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