How do I Schedule a Report?

Rachel Smith -

Learn-WiseGo allows you to schedule reports to be emailed to you on an interval you set. To schedule a report:

Select System Reports > Reports

Find the report you would like to schedule and use the menu on the right to click “Schedule” and open the scheduling menu.

If you would first like to customize your report before you schedule it. Click on the name of the report.

You can drag and drop fields into your preferred order. You can also click on the three do menu to see options for sorting, moving, removing, and filtering fields.

Once your report is customized, use the “Schedule” button at the top right to open the scheduling menu.

Enter an interval for how often you would like your report to send. Select an end date or number of occurrences (optional). Enter the email address or addresses to which you would like the report to be sent. Click “Save”.

Your report is now scheduled!

To access and edit your schedule, click on the menu on the right side and click “Schedule Report.” Edit, and save again to update.

You will now receive your report as an Excel attachment via email according to the schedule you have set.


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