How Do I Create a Super Group?

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A Super Group is a group that contains other “sub-groups” within it. Super Groups allow you to create a hierarchy of user groups.

For example, let’s say your company is organized by regions. You could create North America as a Super Group containing South, East and West. You can add further groups or individual users within these regions in the Super Group, North America. For example, in South, you could add Florida with user Pam Beasley.

It would look like this:

To Create a Super Group:

Select User>Groups from your menu sidebar

When creating a Super Group, we suggest creating your groups from the “bottom up.” Create the lowest level group first.

To Create a Group:

Select the orange + icon, then select create group.

Enter a group name and description (optional), then click “Save & Next: Assign Users”.

Please Note: You can assign users to your group now OR you can finish building out your group hierarchy and then add users. If you would like to assign users to your group at this point, select “Assign Users”, then select your users from the left and click “Pick Users”. Then click “Finish”.

If you would like to finish creating your groups before you build your Super Group hierarchy, click “Finish” without adding any users.

After you have finished creating all the groups you want in your Super Group hierarchy


“Assignment” under the group name that will serve as your Super (or top level) Group.

Select the group(s) that will be ‘sub-groups’ within your Super Group, then click “Pick Groups”

Then click “Finish”. Repeat this process for each level in your hierarchy.

Super Groups will be represented in your list of groups with a black + icon.

Click on the black + icon to open the Hierarchy View box and see the group hierarchy for this Super Group.

Please Note: You can also add individual users or another sub-group to a group by clicking on “Assignment” under a group’s name. Once individual users are added to a group within a group hierarchy, they will be visible in the “Hierarchy View” box.


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