How do I Enable the Webinar Function on My Zoom Account?

Rachel Smith -

In order for Zoom to work on your Learn-WiseGo platform, you must enable the Webinar privilege on your Zoom account. The Webinar privilege can be added to any account but is not always activated by default on your account. To see if the Webinar privilege on your account has been activated select My Profile > Capacity.

To activate the Webinar privilege on your Zoom account:

1. Login to Zoom - and sign in using Email Address and Password.

2. Scroll down and select ‘Zoom for Developers’ from the menu on the left.

3. This redirects to the Zoom App Marketplace. Click ‘Sign In’. This will automatically sign you into the app marketplace.

4. Click on the drop down Develop menu, then select ‘Build App’

5. Create a new APP:

A. First, turn off the Intent to publish this app on Zoom marketplace
B. Next, select ‘Account-level app’
C. Then click on the ‘Authentication Type’ drop down menu
D. Finally, select ‘JWT API Credentials’

6. Fill in the Basic Information: Company Name, Name and Email Address

7. Under App Credentials – retrieve the App Key and App Secret

8. Return to your Zoom Profile > User. Click ‘Edit’ on the account that you would like to enable the Webinar privilege.

9. Select ‘Webinar’ to enable the Webinar privilege.

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