How to Set up a SCORM Module with Multiple Results Slides

Rachel Smith -

If you want to set up a SCORM module with multiple results slides throughout the module—for example, if your module is divided into sections and you want to quiz and provide feedback by section, you can do this.

 If you want the final results to properly report to Learn-Wise, you need to properly:

  1. Configure the Individual Results Slides
  2. Configure the Final Results Slide (this is the slide that will report the performance data to Learn-Wise)
  3. Configure Publishing Settings to Capture data from Final Results Slide

1. Configure the Individual Results Slides:

Open the individual Results Slide. Go to “Edit Results Slide.”

Calculate results for: “Selected Questions”

Check the box only for the questions relevant for this section. (e.g. if this is the results slide for Section 1, only check the boxes next to the questions in section 1).

Be sure the results slide for each section is configured this way.

2. Insert a Final “Graded Results Slide”

This is the slide that will report the performance data to Learn-Wise.

Insert Graded Slide > Edit Results Slide

Calculate Results for: Selected Questions

Check the boxes next to every question in all of the quizzes.

 Suggestion: edit the text on the Final Results slide to indicate to users it is the final result.

3. Configure the Publishing Settings to capture the data from the final Results Slide

Go to Publish > LMS > Tracking. Confirm that “Track using quiz result” is set to the Final Results Slide.



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